by Max Hopkins

There come times when it feels like the human race is taking steps backward in our journey toward the right answers. How are we to become the solution to our downfalls? The answer lies within ourselves.

  • 4:47
    Max Hopkins


by Max Hopkins

The pinnacle of summer; a culminating or turning point. A metaphor for heightened possibility. The reminder of good things to come and acknowledgement of things gone amiss. A time to take unnerving and exciting steps toward the newest version of yourself. 

Solstice epitomizes my impressions of summer: adventure, exploration, liberation, reinvention, rediscovery, reconnection and revitalisation. I hope you enjoy as much in listening as I have in creating. Stay adventurous. 



by Max Hopkins

Subsistence: the quality of having timeless or abstract existence. This song is a meditative chant based on the concept of ānāpānasati, meaning mindfulness of breathing.

Through mindful breathing we arrive back in the present moment and stop running. As a result we become more sovereign and free, bringing us back to the ultimate dimension, or reality.

You are one with all and all is one with you; there are no individual forces in the universe, merely different iterations of the same one.