by Max Hopkins

A trace; visible evidence of something that is no longer present. A part that is imperfectly developed in comparison to that of a past generation. Indelible marks from the kairos of a developing soul.

Vestiges is a rite of passage; an echo of our collective wisdom, a tribute to our fore-family, and an acknowledgement of the inseparable confluence. Born of youthful epiphanies and wielding a sophic nonchalance, Vestiges is a revealing look into the lasting power and influence of our personal and collective histories.



by Max Hopkins

Susurrant was captured in a small farmhouse outside of Lethbridge, Alberta. Over the course of the winter months, his co-producer, and long-time collaborator, Matthew Rederburg live-tracked Max's intimate guitar-voice duets, being sure to exploit the quirks and nuances of the room acoustics. It was from the rickety walls and home-constructed acoustic paneling which Susurrant was born; a hiemal collection recorded in the dead of winter out in the bliss of the dark skies and the open prairie.

Wintr 024.JPG

Sleeping Beneath the Trees

by Max Hopkins

Sleeping Beneath the Trees is the product of two years of recording songs that were written between 2012 and 2014. The overarching theme of the album pertains to the beauty and power of nature and how we interact both with, and within it. The lyrics delve into topics such as the abstract nature of time, our perceptions of humankind and the universe, the inseparability of positive and negative, and a tribute to personal role models and influences. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I have enjoyed creating it.