The Heart Set

The Heart Set is an indie art-rock band from Calgary, Alberta. In 2014, a friend of the group recorded them playing a live-off-the-floor session at the Hoodoo Guitars lounge outside of Calgary. From this session, they received 6 tracks which they overdubbed with vocals and other instruments including synthesizers where necessary. In November of 2015, I began mixing tracks for this EP. The instrumentation for the EP varies between tracks and includes electric guitar, drums, bass, lead vocals, backup vocals (sometimes in four part harmony), percussion, trumpet, and synthesizer. Each track is unique and requires similar, but specific technique to allow each voice to speak among the given arrangements. Working with this group has been a positive and rewarding experience. They are very receptive to feedback and take themselves seriously while maintaining a sense of humour. They are patient and communicate well given the distance between our residences. I finished the mixes early this year and applied some equalisation and compression to the tracks before uploading them to my SoundCloud page.

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