My Work


Composing and Songwriting

Having written songs and composed for a number of years, I engage in a variety of classical, contemporary, and commercial music writing. Included is a short list of selections under the composing and songwriting tab.


As a performing musician and recording engineer, I have a network of connections with other artists and audio engineers which allows me more opportunity to expand my skills past performing and recording. Here is a recent selection of tracks that I have mixed.

Recording and Production

As a Digital Audio Arts student at the University of Lethbridge, I have taken part in a wide variety of recording and production endeavours, including both course, and extra-curricular, work. Included is a recent list of recordings and productions that I have been part of.


As a former music student at the University of Lethbridge, I had ample opportunity to pursue and specialise in focused projects. Here is a description of some of the notable research that I completed in my undergraduate career.

About Me

My background in Music

My musical training began with two years of piano lessons at an early age. I have played acoustic and electric guitar since age eleven, both by ear and by reading music. I have played in several bands which varied in genre from metal, to gospel, to pop-rock and as a result have a well-tuned ear to multiple styles and production methods. I began formal voice lessons at age nineteen and have participated in multiple productions, recitals, and festivals of varying scope and nature in Lethbridge. Through this experience I have gained a valuable knowledge pertaining to classical musical practice and performance. I began recording and writing music at age sixteen beginning with demos for my own music and progressing to full band recordings as I prepared for the Digital Audio Arts program at the University of Lethbridge, from which I am a recent graduate. I compose, arrange, perform, capture, and mix varying styles of music and have an appreciation for all aspects of its production. I am singer-songwriter that independently records and releases my own music with aspirations of becoming a composer/scorer and independent producer. Collaboration plays a major role in my work because I feel that it allows for a heightened version of whatever is being created. I find the networking and social aspect of creation just as important as the actual creation because it influences my own work and continues my growth as an artist and person.